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TV over the internet is here!

Affordable TV Broadcasting! Own your own IPTV Network Station

eWave TV is the home of our 21 unique television networks. SpaceCoast AV Communications in partnership with Ariel Media Group knows the future of television programming is "On-Demand" and plans on fulfilling the needs of specialty programming by offering all types of productions 24/7 for FREE to anyone who has internet access. IP TV isthe wave of the future, live TV broadcasting or live TV Streaming

Our networks are not full of homemade videos you see every
day or re-runs of television shows that no longer belong on television. 
They are produced TV programs that will interest all age viewers. 

Our networks work a bit different from regular TV and current IPTV offerings...all of our shows are free to the public to watch 24/7...they are on demand, which means people can watch them when they want and can share them via email Facebook, social media and by phone with friends. We also offer specials on each network...for free...these are movies, documentaries that producers just want people to see...we do not pay anything for them. Example: A documentary on Organic farming may air on our Living Rural Network...Free for the public and will be available on our Living Rural home site for one week.

eWave TV also offers Pay-Per-View movies, concerts, seminars and any live events. SpaceCoast AV and Ariel Media, your IPTV providers, are taking a fresh approach to new media television featuring all types of shows with new episodes each and every week.

Here is a SAMPLE of a show site . Your show site would have your colors/logo created for you! Your show site would also include Home, Episodes, About, Blog and Contact tabs for your viewers.

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